Sunday, February 6, 2011

Round 6 pictures!

Hey everyone! You all did great this round, I loved your ideas! Here they are:

Karalee -

 Iona -

Sonja - 

Good job everyone!

Like last time, since there's just 3 of you, I'll just say what I like about each one:

Karalee's - So sweet! I love the idea of Ruthie including the new girl instead of leaving her out. Great picture, and it fitted the theme exactly!

Iona's - Again, I love the idea! Good job, Iona!

Sonja's - The dolls look so pretty, everything is set up really well, and the idea is great. Good job!

Now comes the not fun part. I have to eliminate 2 of you :(

First I have to disqualify Jasmine for not getting her picture in. :( I'm sorry, Jasmine! I know it was difficult with the computer cord breaking and all. You did really, really well this season, congrats on making it so far.

And, Iona. This was a hard decision! You've been such a great contestant, your pictures are always so awesome, and I'll miss you in the contest :(  Congrats on getting all the way to round 6!

So...this round, round 7, is the very last. *jumps up and down in suspense*. I'll reveal the theme very soon!


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  1. Ok, thanks for letting me get this far :), Sadly I'm getting my camera chord tonight :'(