Saturday, March 24, 2012

results (super late)

Sooooo sorry this took so long. I've been crazy busy with school and everything. Everyone did a great job.

Willow with Melissa

Jessie with Taylor

Lilac with Kanani

Unfortunately, Mackenzie had to drop out of the competition. Mackenzie, you were amazing this season. Awesome job and I hope you compete again next time.

Lucky for you three, you are all in!

 Willow, your picture was so cute. I loved the idea. The way you did it was excellent. AMAZING!!!!

Jessie, great theme and idea. You did a good job interoperating the theme.

Lilac, This was very cute. I love Kanani's outfit.

The theme for this next round is...


If you have any questions feel free to ask. If it's not possible to get outside or have a picture of your doll outside, tell me and I'll give you an alternative theme.

These are due April 7.

~ Amerigirl ~

Friday, March 16, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Results (super late)

Here they are!
Willow with Melissa

Lilac with Kanani

Jeneca with Kanani

Jessie with Taylor

Emma with Gwen

Mackenzie with Lanie

My 2 special mentions are:

Willow with Melissa: Such a cute idea. SO creative!

Lilac with Kanani: Such great lighting! LOVE it!

Anee didn't send in her picture, and two keep things moving, I will still eliminate 2 people (so sorry...). 

Unfortunately, Emma and Jeneca are eliminated. You both did awesome this season, and you should totally do this next year.

And then there were 3...


Okay, so I'm reusing a theme for this season from last season. 


Make them awesome and colorful!

These are due March 17. Please don't forget!