Sunday, June 22, 2014

Season 10 | Round 7 \\ Theme

Underneath the theme are some reminders. Guys, these are not meant to be skipped over! Read them through. I will not accept any photos if I can tell that you haven't read these. So PLEASE read ALL of them.

Round 7 theme:

My Country

It's almost July 4th, and how do we Americans celebrate? Well, that's what I'm wondering, too. How do you celebrate the 4th of July, the day we gained our independence? (if you don't live in the USA, feel free to do your photo on a holiday that means something to your country)

You have up until Friday, July 4th 2014 \\ 12 AM CST to get me your photo.

Also, a couple more things to remind you of:
This isn't an easy competition. I don't want you to treat it as such, therefore all photos you send in need to be taken especially for this theme. NO digging back into the archives.
Also, if you're in need of tips, a pep talk or are wondering how I will be judging, see here.

When taking your picture, please remember, what is the main focus of this photo? It's supposed to be the doll, and since the head is part of the doll, it needs to be in the picture.

While we're on that subject, I just want to remind you that you picked 1 doll to be in this contest with. One doll needs to be the main attraction of all the photos you take. Collages of all your dolls are cool, but that's not what we're looking for. Please make sure that your contest doll is in all the photos, yes, and all the collage photos with dolls in them (you can still have a collage photo of objects like pencils and paper, and even dogs etc., just make sure that any photos of dolls NEED to have your contest doll IN them, AND the main focus.

When you send in your picture, please attach it to the email, and in the subject line of the message put:
"[your name] with [your dolls name] | Round 1"

All photos will be enlarged to extra large in each results post.
How they look is your problem, not mine.
Change your camera settings to the largest size you have, and you'll be fine. (this is not my problem if they don't look like what they looked like in a smaller size)

This is my season, I will be doing the dates and extensions and everything in my own way. I give lots of thought to everything I do here, so please trust my decision.

I am a busy person. I'm in highschool, I do not have a lot of time. My schedule is quite packed, and it's hard for me to get to things really quickly. Please do not ask when I will post the photos, please do not tell me to post the photos. I'll get to it, I promise.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Season 10 \\ Round 6 || Results

Scout with Jess

Stella Reid with Ivy

Mikaela with Saige

Marisa with Liz

Willow with Saige

Bekah with Alayna

Willsbardgirl with Caroline

Eliminations: Stella Reid with Ivy, and Marisa with Liz. I'm so sorry I had to eliminate you girls! I loved both of your photos, and hope that you'll compete next year. I definitely saw progress on both of your photos as the season continued. 

Special mentions:
Scout with JessBekah with Alayna, & Mikaela with Saige - I absolutely love how creative your photos were.

Great job, everyone!

(If I messed something up, I sincerely apologize, you don't realize how hard this actually is until you host, so if you see a mistake, please kindly let me know)