This blog is for the American Girl Contest created through the messageboard. In each season of this contest 15-20 people will be allowed to enter and compete in a round-elimination style competition. The participants will take photos of their dolls that match the theme given by he host, aka the winner of the previous season.

AGC is a fun photo contest that started on the message board, and now has this blog of its own. AGC is made up of several rounds, and each round will have a theme. After you send in your pictures, I'll judge them by:

-Creativity - how creative and imaginative they are. Make sure you are really creative with your pictures! Really think about the theme.

-Appearance - how well the photo is set up, details in the picture, how your doll looks, the quality, etc.

-After each round, I will have to eliminate 2 people. The contest will continue like this until there's two people left in the contest for the final round. I'll judge the pictures, and the winner will be the host of the next Season of AGC!

Here are the rules, there are only a few, so please read them to make sure you understand everything!

1. Sign up with one american girl doll, who is to be that main doll in ALL of your photos. You may have other dolls in your picture, just make sure that the doll you entered is always the main character.

2. Only enter one picture per round.

3. There will be a due date, so please make sure you have your pictures in on time! Unfortunately I will have to eliminate/disqualify anyone who doesn't send their pics in on time.

4. Editing and watermarking your pictures is allowed and encouraged.

5. Please send me the pictures through email, it's just more organized that way. You can send me the picture by attaching it to the email, or sending me a link to the picture on your picasa web album, etc. Here's the email address you should use:

6. Anyone who can't email me can PM me through the message board. ( AGCcontesthost)

7. Do your best, have fun, and be creative!

I hope that explains everything, if not feel free to PM me or email me at or leave a comment!