Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Round Ten // Theme

Hello there!

   I apologize for not posting this sooner.
   I was sick the week before last and couldn't think of a theme this week. But here it is.


Isn't that fun? I thought something "royal" would be fun because of the new royal baby.

Now please remember the things that I want.

#1 Quality and #2 Creativity

Got it?

Now, your photos are due Thursday August 8th at 12 midnight Pacific Time. I'm giving you lots of time.

If you've got any questions please email me.



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Round Nine // Results!

Hello again!
   I'm glad I have time to do this before church, but let's get on with it, right?

[Note: instead of the photos being "large", because we only have five participants, I am doing them all on "extra large"]

AGTriviaMaster with Callie

TracAn with Taryn Eana

misspiggy=awesome with Julianna

 Rachel Nicole with Mya

Bekah with Alayna


Now there should be only 3 more rounds, because I will eliminate one person today, one person next round, and crown a winner the next round, got it? Unless two people don't send in their photo, then this is probably how it'll be.

I hate to eliminate someone, but misspiggy=awesome with Julianna is out. You were good and I hope that you'll compete next season!

Special Mentions:

#1: Bekah with Alayna // Very sweet and simple - lovely idea and executed awesomely!

#2: Rachel Nicole with Mya // The lighting is perfect! And the editing is so cool!

Next theme by Thursday!



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Round Nine // Reminder // Due in Two Days

Happy Independence Day!
   I'm really excited for this round! I hope to see lots of patriotic spirit!

But so far I have not gotten the photos of:

Bekah with Alayna

misspiggy=awesome with Julianna


Rachel with Mya

Pretty please, all of you, send in your photos! If you don't you will have to be eliminated! Remember, you only have until Saturday at midnight pacific time to get in your lovely picture!