Monday, April 9, 2012


After thinking long and hard, I've picked a theme.

And the theme is *drum roll puh-leeze*.....


Yes, I am thinking about April break. And the warm(er) weather.

Okay. So you guys are both great photographers, so the creative picture most likely will take it all. Just remember this.


~ Amerigirl ~

THESE ARE DUE APRIL 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here they are!!! SOOO GOOD!!!
Lilac with Kanani

Willow with Melissa

Jessie with Taylor

You all did a great job. Unfortunately, I have to eliminate somebody. I'm sorry to say that Lilac is out of the competition. You were a great contestant. I hope to see you compete again next season.

For Willow and Jessie... CONGRATZ!! You two are in the final round! I'll post the next theme as soon as I think of it.

Jessie - Sorry I got yours up late. I was away and couldn't figure out how to save your picture on my mom's laptop (weird that it only happened for one picture, right?).

~ Amerigirl~