Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello! Let's get Season 6 Started!

Hello, my name is Karalee and as the winner of Season 5 I will be hosting this season! I am so excited to get started and cannot wait to see all of the great pictures that everyone is going to take! 

I'll start off by directing you to then new "Rules" tab up at the top of the page. There you will find all of the information that you should need to know before getting started and you will also find an email for any questions you may have.

I am going to allow 2 weeks to sign up, but we can get started sooner if we fill up before the deadline. (Feb. 26)

You can sign up by commenting on this post with your name and your that you will be competing with's name.  As you all sign up I will edit this post and put your names on here.

As soon as you sign up you can start working on the pre-Assignment. This is a headshot of your doll that will be placed in the sidebar so we can see all of the contestants this season. But, you don't have to hurry. These will not be due until 10 or so days  after sign up is closed. ( will give you an exact day later) So feel free to sign up with a doll that is coming in the mail, if they will be here in the next week or so ;)

I know that we are going to have a whole bunch of fun this season, so sign up before you miss out!


1. Emma with Kit
2. Carolyn with Delilah
3. Nutti Netti with Mia
4. Alisha with Jess
5. Jasmine with Cynthia Rose
6. Iona with Kit
7. Danielle with Alaska
8. Gabrielle with Alice
9. Quinlyn with Felicity
10. Livvy with Nelly
11. Britts with Jasmine
12. The Crazy Doll Lady with Vienna
13. Anne with Elizabeth
14. Munch with Samantha
15. Liddy with Natalie
16. Amerigirl with Mia
17. Koda with Samantha
18. Sonja with Adair
19. Mackenzie with Chrissa
20. Gabby with Felicity


  1. Name: Emma

    I don't know what you mean with the 2nd part, but if you could explain it a little more, then hopefully I will understand.

  2. I get it now! You don't have to explain it.

  3. Name: Emma

    Main Doll: Kit

    I can't wait to hear round 6's theme!

  4. Name: Carolyn

    Main Doll: Delilah

    Really excited!! :-D


  5. Name: Alisha

    Main Doll: Jess

    I can't wait to hear what the first round's theme is!

    ~Alisha :)

  6. Name: Jasmine

    Doll: Cynthia Rose (MAG #39, as you know, she'll come between Wednesday and Friday)

  7. Danielle with Alaska (MyAG #25) :).

  8. Gabrielle with Alice.
    I was wondering if I could just use the same headshot as last season?

  9. I was wondering the same thing about using the same headshot as last season.

  10. Gabrielle and Alisha- Yes! It is perfectly fine to use the same one from last season!

    You are not being judged on your doll's headshot, so if anyone has an old picture that they would like to use it is fine :)

  11. Could you email me the theme? I want to start working on my picture!

  12. (this is me (the host) I'm just signed in on my blog)

    Emma- Right now all I need is the headshot. There is no specific theme for this, just a pretty photo of your doll's face. I haven't fully decided on the theme for the first round yet, but I will post it when the competition officially begins.

  13. Name: Quinlyn

    Main Doll: Felicity

  14. I'll get my headshot in ASAP, and I just wanted to tell you that Delilah is a #35. ;-)


  15. Yay!
    I was wondering... do you have to have a blog to enter or can anyone enter?

  16. Munch- Anyone can enter, as long as they can email me the pictures for each round :)

  17. Ooh I would love to enter! Congratulations on winning, Karalee! :) Anne with Elizabeth!

  18. Oh, OK! Then sign me up!
    Name: Munch

    Main Doll: Samantha

  19. Karalee- Can I send you my pictures through Private Message on the American Girl Fan Message Board? I can't email them.

  20. Carolyn- Yes, you can send them through the message board :) Livvy is doing the same thing.

  21. This looks like so much fun!:)

    My Name: Liddy

    Main Doll: Halleluja(Hallie)-Grace

    I'll try to get my doll's headshot in very soon!


  22. Koda with Samantha. Get you the pic ASAP.

  23. Francesca with Julie. I'll get my headshot ASAP.