Monday, June 25, 2012

Round 3 theme

I am so sorry I didn't get this up sooner. I was having trouble deciding what the theme could be... and--no offense--I don't really want to use suggested themes because a lot of times the person who suggested the theme already has a pretty good idea for it, and I want to be fair to everyone. So, the long-awaited theme is...

I know, it's not the most amazing theme ever, but it'll do, right? These are due on Tuesday, July 10. I want you all to be super creative, and to get your entry in!! So, go get shooting! (:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Results - Round 2!

Yay! Most of you got them in this time. So... are you ready to see some awesome pictures???

 Emma with Lanie
 Bekah with Alayna
 Stormi with Stacy
 Carolyn with Rebekah
 Phoebe with Evelyne
 Alisha with Jess
 Lena Grace with Emily
 Lissie with Dakota
 Willow with Josefina
 Jasmine with Cynthia
 Quinlyn with Kit
 Madeline with Katie
 VKPixie with Maya
Priya with Penelope
Katelyn with Amanda

Silence with Felicity (she sent it on time, but it was having trouble getting through)

Okay... I have a sad thing to announce: 
If you are...
... then you are eliminated. ): I'm so sorry that you only got to participate for one round! I look forward to competing with you six next season. You did so well in the first round!
That leaves... [*counts in head* one... two... three... AHA!] sixteen of you in the contest. Fortunately, the six that got eliminated more than filled my 'eliminating-quota', so none of the people that got their entries in will be eliminated.

On lighter note, here are the special mentions:

Phoebe with Evelyne -  SO cute! love the lyrics on the side. The angle is really creative, too!
Emma with Lanie -  Adorable!! I love the details. Everything is so cute!
Alisha with Jess -  So very cute!! The tiny details are so adorable.

I'll post the next theme soon, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reminder for round 2!!

Hi, it's me! Just a quick reminder that your pictures are due on Monday, the 18th!! PLEASE get them to me ASAP. I only have six entries, and I don't want you ALL getting eliminated just for forgetting to send it in!! Go out there and get shooting!!!
-Jessie (: