Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost ready to start!

I would really really like to have about 2 more people sign up, but I'm going to go ahead and get "Round 0" started. So, those of you who have not already sent in your headshots, please start working on them and get them in by March 5th. Remember, you are not being judged on these! I just want a pretty picture of your doll's face :)

*Also, if you know someone who has competed in the past but has not signed up yet, please let them know that the new season has started! Or if you know someone else who would like to join... I would really like to make it to 20 contestants!


  1. Hi American Girl Contest blog -
    I'm new here and I would love to enter your contest!;D
    I am getting Kanani,she should be here tomorrow :)
    I might use her for a photo in your contest;)
    When does it end?
    *Bye* *+*+*+GOD Bless+*+*+*

    Ps- Can you please come and see my blog;)?