Thursday, October 25, 2012

Round 9 Results // Round 10 theme

I have a feeling this contest is going to go longer than it normally does... more suspense that way, I guess. (:

All four of you turned in your pictures, huzzah! I shall proceed to show them to you...

 Bekah with Alayna - Great job! I love the depiction of colour in this and the contrast of her jacket and the leaves.

 Priya with Penelope - This is really cute. I really like her fall outfit and the mini pumpkin!

 Phoebe with Evelyne - I really like this, Phoebe! Those are my two favourite things about autumn. I love the bright colours!

Willow with Josefina - This is super cute, Willow. I love all the details! The little cookbook and pie pan just tie the whole thing together.

This round was awesome, guys. Your ideas and creativity really stood out to me.

I was browsing through some older rounds [from previous seasons] and I came across this one post by Karalee two seasons ago. Here's what she said...
"That leaves only 4 people still in the competition! I cannot believe how far we have come! I will now be giving closer deadlines, but will only be eliminating one person per round."

After reading this, I have decided to only eliminate one person per upcoming round. After a lot of thought, I have chosen to eliminate.....

Priya with Penelope.

Priya, you have done a wonderful job throughout this entire season. I love your creativity in all your pictures! I wish you the best and hope you can compete again next season. Congratulations on getting 4th place!

And then there were three.
[I totally just stole that quote from Amerigirl...]

Your new theme is...

... friendship.

Nothing much to explain about this theme. Focus on quality and creativity. I want you to have a lot of fun with this theme. Remember, this round is determining the top two finalists!! These are due on or before Sunday, November 4.

much love,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Entries are due tomorrow

Behold, my day-before-the-due-date reminder post!

Just a quick reminder that y'all need to get your entries in on or before October 23. I still need Phoebe's, Willow's, and Bekah's.

Remember--creativity and quality are what count. Have fun!

much love,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Results - Round 8 // Round 9 theme

Great job with this round!! Unfortunately Madeline with Katie didn't send in her entry, so she is now out of the contest. ): Since there are only four of you left, I'll just write what I liked about each picture.
 Bekah with Alayna
I really love this, Bekah! The little blueprint is so cute and the whole idea is very unique.

 Priya with Penelope
Great job on this, Priya. The concept of dress-up is certainly creative! The little clothing box is very cute.

Willow with Josefina 
Adorable, Willow! I love the whole idea of the picture and especially the fairies. Great job!

Phoebe with Evelyne
This is such a unique idea, Phoebe! I really love the setup/angle of the scene and all those bright colors.

All four of you did such a great job!! Since Madeline is already eliminated I won't eliminate any of you four.
Your new theme is...
my favourite thing about autumn.
So... this is obviously supposed to be depicting your (or your doll's, haha) favourite thing about autumn. This is sort of a different style of theme than what I've been giving you, but I have faith in you! These are due on or before Tuesday, October 23. Have fun and be creative!!
much love,

Monday, October 8, 2012

New design... how do you like it?

I went old-school and used a ready-made background, haha. But other than that, how do you like it? Unless Jasmine still has the old header and background I can't change it back, so if you hate it, oh well. I think it's a lot less bright than it was, but that way it doesn't take away from the pictures themselves. So... tell me what you think!
much love,

Entries due on October 9

Hai everyone! I hope you're having fun with this round. I've gotten two already, and I can't wait to see the other three! I just wanted to remind you that you should get your entries in today [October 8] or tomorrow [October 9] or you will be eliminated. I know you only had a week and a half for a difficult theme, but I have faith in you! Have fun and get those creative juices flowing!
much love,
P.S. I know it's sort of random, but what do you think of a new blog design? I would probably do it myself.