Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Fail to Turn Your Pictures In!

Just a few more days until the Round 2 (Outdoors) deadline! I have pictures from about 4-5 people, but that means that I still need a lot more! The last day to turn them in is is this coming Monday, April 4th.

I want some really mondo stellar photos, so take your time and don't rush, but do get them in on time!!

(for you youngsters, Mondo stellar is from the Disney movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st century-it's a great movie, you should look it up :)  )

So, go out and get shooting!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Round 2's Theme

Before I announce the theme, I want to warn you that there will be a good deal of freedom in this round. I want to see what your pictures are like with as few requirements as possible. So, the theme for Round 2 is...

Outside/ Out of doors

That is the only requirement. The picture can be anytime, whatever weather, whatever posing or accessories you want. The only requirements are that the picture be taken outside with the doll that you signed up with. I want to see some beautiful picturs this round. I have some of the "Fashion Photography" that we have done for the past 3 seasons in my head, but you can do your pictures however you want to. Impress me :)
(examples for some "fashion Photography" can be found here or by looking back at some rounds of seasons 4 or 5)

Your pictures will be due... (looks at a calendar) April 4th. That gives you 2 weeks to get them in. I will judge and post the results on the 5th (time allowing).

Go out and get started!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Round 1 Results

Alas! The time we have been eagerly awaiting has arrived! It is now time for me to post the results for Round 1: About Me.

First, I will post all of the pictures turned in this round:
Livvy with Nellie

 Sonja with Adair

Crazy Doll Lady with Vienna

Amerigirl with Mia

Britts with Jasmine

Carolyn with Delilah

Nutti Netti with Mia

Anne with Elizabeth

 Iona with Kit

 Koda with Josefina

Jasmine with Cynthia Rose

Emma with Kit

Munch with Samantha

 Mackenzie with Chrissa

Quinlyn with Felicity

Liddy with Natalie

 Alisha with Jess
Whew! That was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be! To make it easier on me, would everyone please make sure that they save their pictures as JPEG, it makes it so much easier for me to save and post them if they are. Most of you already had them that way, but a few trouble makers didn't :)

I have to eliminate "Gabrielle with Alice", "Danielle with Alaska" and "Gabby with Felicity" because they failed to turn in their pictures. On the bright side, that makes up more than the required elimination quota for the round, so I don't have to eliminate anyone else :)
Now, I will do the 3 Special Mentions for the round. (basically, I am picking my 3 favorites from the round and telling you why I like them :) )

Alisha: So cute! I love the details and the gorgeous colors :)

Jasmine: Cynthia looks so pretty in her blue ballet dress. It's a wonderful little "story board", and I love the bottome left picture. Just as a precaution though, I prefer only one picture instead of multiple.

Amerigirl: Love it! I love all the tiny details in the background and it is an overall really good picture.

Everyone did a fabulous job this round and I got some really great photos! I will post the theme for Round 2 either tomorrow or Monday, so be on the lookout!


Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've gottten pictures from almost everyone! I only waitng for about me pictures from "Gabrielle with Alice", "Gabby with Felicity" and I still need a headshot and About Me picture from "Danielle with Alaska".

I know that I said I would judge tomorrow, but I am in a school play and it really looks like I won't be able to judge until Saturday morning, so if anyone knows how to contact those 3 people and get them to turn their pictures in it would be much appreciated :)

This is a one time thing. I do not and will not extend any other deadlines, but this one time since I can't hold up my end of the deal I will give a slight extension. I will not accept any photos turned in after Midnight Friday, February 18.

Sorry to those of you who got your pictures in and will have to wait on me :(   I promise that it will not happen again anytime soon.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Round 1 Reminder!!

Don't forget to turn in your Round 1 (About Me) pictures by tomorrow (Thursday March 17th) night! So far I only have about 4 pictures, and I would absolutely hate to eliminate people for failure to meet the deadline.

Please, Please, Please get them in ASAP!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Round 1's Theme

The theme for AGC Season 6 Round 1 is...

About Me

I want to see a picture that describes some aspect of you dolls personality. Help me get to know them a little better :) This could be some sport they play, an activity they like, a musical instrument, anything about their personality that you think is special. Remember to make your doll look nice, hair should be brushed, clothes should fit etc. I want some really nice, creative pictures for this round, and I know that you all can do it! Go ahead and impress me :)

Round 1's pictures will be due by Thursday, March 17th. I will judge on Friday the 18th. Please get the pictures in as soon as you can. I hate to eliminate people for failure to comply with the deadline.

Also, the 3 of you who have  not gotten in you headshots... Please turn them in with or before your picture for round 1 :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keep those Headshots coming!

Just a reminder that your doll headshots are due this Saturday, March 5th! I have about 10, but that means that there are still 8 people who need to send theirs in. Because I have the time today, I am going to start adding the pictures that I do have to the sidebar :)

I plan on announcing the First Round's theme this Monday (March 7th)! I am very excited and can't wait to see the wonderful pictures that will be taken this season.