Sunday, November 25, 2012

Round 11 results // Winner!!

{Please take time to read this post instead of scrolling really fast to the bottom to see who won... doing that would spoil the suspenseful effect.}

Well, this is it. In this post one of you will be crowned winner and move on as host of American Girl Contest, Season 9. I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated this season. It was such a great experience for me (and I hope it was for you, too!) and I loved all of your ideas. Now we're down to the final two.

This round was by far my favourite, even if there are only two entries. I really wish you both could win. It took me a verrrrrrrry long time to decide (hence my posting this later than I normally would).

 Willow with Josefina - This is amazing!! I love your creativity, and how you kept the night scenes dark and the day scenes light. The setup and idea and angle in each photo are amazing. Great job!

Phoebe with Evelyne - Superb!! I love your references not only to the movie but also to the books. The shots around the main photo really bring out the details. I love the 'organized chaos' look and the text. Great work!

It was sooooooooo hard to pick a winner! But alas, it must be done (does anyone else have the feeling I've said that before?). So without further ado, I shall announce the winner.





{the suspense is killing you, right?}



... Willow with Josefina!!

Congratulations, my friend. You were spectacular all season and I loved your creativity and detail in every one of your entries. I wish you well in your host-dom and hope that you're as awesome as I was tons awesome-er at being host than I shall ever be. I have complete faith that you will make Season 9 spectacular and the most fun AGC season ever!

Phoebe, you were simply amazing throughout the whole season too. I can assure you that you were every bit as amazing as Willow and that it was a terrible inward struggle for me to pick a winner. You more are a superb photographer and I hope to see more of you in the future. Congratulations on 2nd place!!

Willow, I will email you soon (hopefully today, but don't be surprised if Saturday I put it off until next Saturday. I'm a very forgetful person.) with rules, accounts, passwords, etc. Congratulations again!!

I have had an amazing time being host and I wish I could host forever, but Willow just won and that would be mean to not let her host. Thank you for putting up with my weirdness, and I hope everyone who participated enjoyed this season. Thank you again, Amerigirl, for letting me host! (:

much love,


  1. Wow, congrats Phoebe and Willow!!! Both of your entries are AMAZING and you are both wonderful photographers. :)

  2. Awesome job, both of you!!! Congrats Willow!!! You were awesome this season (and last season). Jessie, you were an awesome host!!! You came up with awesome themes.

    ~ Amerigirl ~

  3. Priya and Amerigirl: Thank you! Btw, I'm working on the next sign up thing, it should be up soon.

  4. Congrats!! You were both awesome, and if I would have been the host, I never could have picked a winner.
    Great job!
    (oh, and I can't wait to start the next round!)