Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Round 10 results // Round 11 theme

You three have really outdone yourselves! This is by far one of my favourite rounds. It took me a looong time to make my decision (D:) which is why I'm getting this up a teeny bit late.

Bekah with Alayna - This is really, really cute. I love the text and all the photos are sooooo cute! The setup, lighting, outfits, everything; great job on it all.

 Phoebe with Evelyne - This is adorable! I always love your bright colours and creativity. The emotion this depicts is really sweet and definitely defines friendship. Very, very cute!!

Willow with Josefina -This is superb, Willow! I love how it's so simple, yet it depicts sooo much sweetness. Its realism and detail leave me at loss for words.

You three are all so spectaculary amazing!! Great work to all of you.

I wish you could all go on to round 11, but alas, there is one word that makes it impossible: elimination. After thinking long and hard, I have chosen to eliminate Bekah with Alayna.

Bekah, you were simply spectacular all through this season and never failed to leave me in awe at your creativity. I hope you can compete again in Season 9, and congratulations on getting 3rd place! (:

Phoebe and Willow, you are the top two finalists!! You two are great amazing photographers and I have complete faith in you as I give you one of the most difficult themes of this season, which is...


This an also be translated as 'fantasy world' or something along the lines of that, but my original inspiration was Alice in Wonderland (obviously). These are due on or before Wednesday, November 21. I'm giving you two full weeks as I know this theme is difficult and it'll probably need some thought.

I want my jaw to drop when I see your pictures. I want to be dying of agony because I can't pick a winner (by the way, this next round is the last, and the winner will be announced when I post your pictures for round 11). I want to be completely in awe of your amazingness. Okay?

I'm not too concerned about quality because I want you to focus more on creativity this round, but please don't slack off on it.

Have FUN with this round!! Do your best and remember that even if you don't win, you still got second place!

I eagerly await your amazingness.

much love,

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  1. Aww, I got eliminated! Oh, well--this means I can do next season. :)
    I had a LOT of fun this season, and I can't wait to get going on the next one.