Monday, November 26, 2012

Ready for Season Nine? {Sign Up Closed!}

 Ahoy there! 
 My name is Willow, and I will be hosting this season :) 

Thank you to Jessie for being such an amazing {and challenging} host. Some themes were hard, but fun!

Wow, I was so nervous the days following sending my photo in {the last day for it}. Wow, I was sure that Phoebe had me beat! Phoebe, you're such an amazing photographer, I love the way you make your photos so vibrant!

 A little about me: I'm a Christian, doll lover, Lord of the Rings freak, Star Wars nerd and Narnia liker.

Anyhow, now it's time to sign up for the next season. Normally, it's 15-20 {read the rules, people} but I thought, out of the kindness of my heart, that I would allow one extra person {plus the fact that twenty-one is a favorite number of mine}

Read the Rules at the bottom of this post!

Email me or comment to sign up!

Feel free to ask me any questions via comment or 

email me at

Once I have all the headshots and everyone has filled the slots, Round One will begin!

{if you have your name on this list: please send in your headshot}

1. Jessie with McKenna
2. Alisha with Jess
3. Alanna with Amy
4. Priya with Lanie
5. Bekah with Alayna
6. Jess with Rosalyn
7. Emma Kate with Gwen
8. Silence with Elizabeth
9. Quinlyn with Leah
10. Lena Grace with Jess
11. Jeneca with Kanani
12. Gracie with Ali
13. VKpixie with Samantha
14. TraCan with Taryn Eana
15. AGTriviaMaster with Callie
16. Jasmine with Cynthia
17. Misspiggy=awesome with Julianna
18. Claire with Josie
19. Teryn with Emily
20. Emma with Delilah
21. Katie with McKenna
22.Rachel Nicole with Mya

!!All the spots are filled!!

{*This means that I have not received your headshot}


1. You must use an American Girl Doll.

2. You must take all of the pictures for your contest.

3. It should be understood that if you fail to turn in your entry too late, you will be automatically eliminated.

4. Please, please please think about which doll you will enter. This contest is going to be a lot about personality, so you should know your dolls and consider which one to enter before you sign up. This also means NO SWITCHING DOLLS in the middle of the competition. Also, try to choose a doll with nicer hair. You don't want her hair to be frizzy in the middle of an important photo, where it might be noticed. If you can't though, that's fine : )

5. Editing/watermarking your photos is encouraged!! If it helps you be more creative with your picture, go ahead and do it, although if your picture looks good enough without any editing you don't have to. But at least marking your name {e.g. your name with doll name} in a corner or something is highly encouraged.

6. In some rounds, you will be allowed to do more than one picture. I'll be sure to make it clear when and when not this is acceptable. 

7. I will give out one {or two} honorable mention {s} each round to the best picture of that subject. Getting an honorable mention does not mean that you will win or get top 3. 

8. To stay in the competition, you must take clear photos, where your doll is the main subject, be creative-try to think of your own new ideas- and, say the subject is "My hobbies", I don't want it to be sitting under a tree. 

Sign up away!



  1. I'm so exdited for season 9! I'll have my headshot to you asap. (:

  2. I would like to sign up, please! Alisha with Jess!

  3. i would like to sign up, Alanna with Amy

  4. I would like to sign up! Priya with Lanie, please. I'll have my headshot in by the end of this week, hopefully.

  5. Bekah with Alayna would like to sign up! I'll send my headshot in soon--Alayna needs a new one. :)

  6. I would like to sign up! I am Jess with my doll Rosalyn. :) I will send in my headshot soon.

  7. Okay, you are all on the list :)

  8. {P.S.} I will leave last season's headshots up until I receive the first headshot. I eagerly await your photos!

  9. I would love to sign up! :)

    My name is Emma Kate, and I will be joining with my doll Gwen. :)

  10. I would like to sign up, I'm Silence with Elizabeth! :) Thanks for hosting! And congrats, you were wonderful last season and I had a feeling you were going to win, CONGRATS!! :) I'll get you my headshot as soon as possible! :)

  11. I'd like to enter with my #25, Leah. :)

  12. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you made a mistake on the list; I'm participating with my doll Lanie, not Amy. Could you fix that? Thanks.

  13. Got you guys:) Thanks, MajorAGFan!

  14. Priya: Yes! Thank you! I'm so sorry I missed that! Fixed!

  15. I would like to sign up, Lena Grace with Cecile. I'll send in my headshot as soon as possible!

  16. Hey! I'd love to sigh up. I'm Jeneca with Kanani. Sending my headshot right after this!

  17. I'm signing up! I haven't picked a doll yet but I will and send you an email! I'm VKPixie

  18. Ok my email isn't working but I want to enter I'm VKpixie with Samantha

  19. Lena: Wow! You got a Cecile doll?

    VKpixie: Your name is on the list!


    1. No, she's my sister's doll. I thought it might be fun to try out a new photography subject. :)

  20. I'd like to sign up, too! I'm AGTriviaMaster with Callie! I'll send in my headshot ASAP. You can shorten my "name" if you want.

  21. I may have to drop part way through, but I'd like to participate a little bit!!!

    Jasmine with Cynthia (

    Congrats on winning!

  22. AGTriviaMaster: Got you!

    Jasmine: Ok, you're on the list!


  23. Plus, Jasmine, do you want it to be Cynthia or Cynthia Rose?

  24. hi! I would love to sign up! I am claire with josie.

    1. agcat: Got your entry on the list, don't forget your headshot!

    Emma with Delilah ;)

  26. Wow, one more spot! I'm so ready for this contest to begin! *Eagerness* :P

  27. Id love to join if there's still a spot open.

    Rachel Nicole

  28. Mya.

    I just sent the headshot. If you need me to put the names on, I can do that and resend.