Sunday, December 11, 2011

Next theme (a little different)

Surprise!!! Nobody will be eliminated this time!!!!

Well, not only that. You don't even have to enter this round if you can't.

 And... ANYONE CAN ENTER!!!!!!!!!!

For this round only, anyone can enter. You must send me your picture to with your name (can be a pen name), and what doll you're using. The same rules apply. I will mention my favorites (there may be more than 3), but I won't post anything that isn't appropriate. So I bet you're wondering what the theme is, right?

It is...

Light/Holidays (or both)

Send in your picture on or before the 23d. I'll try to post them on the 24th. Have fun!!!!

~ Amerigirl ~


  1. So, if we don't get our pic to you we're still in the contest?

  2. i just found this blog, so what are the rules? and how do i join?

  3. Jessie- Yep!

    american girl- This is the only round where you don't have to be entered at the beginning of the season. At the bottom of the page is a pages tab. You can see the rules there.

    Emme- I'm glad!!!!

  4. Are the girls who are in the contest automatically entered?

  5. Willow- Yeah, but people don't have to sign up. You can just send it to me. (We could have, like, 50 entries.)

    You don't have to sign up, just send me your pictures!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!! I can enter now YEAH!!!!!! should we send a separate pic of our main doll????

  7. OK in the pic I sent a random line through the picture appeared after I sent it so PLEASE don't count that against me it was the computer's fault!

  8. You will only be able to enter for this theme only. A separate picture won't be necessary. I'm doing this because of weird vacation schedules. After this theme, we will go back to the 8 (?) contestants.