Thursday, September 8, 2011

Theme 2!!!!

Okay... I thought of a theme (well, I'm actually thinking of it now, as I type sorta, but that makes it sound less "professional"). So... after much thought (not!)... The theme for round two is...

*thinks of something random*

Homework!!! jk :D

No seriously.

Here's the real theme...

Favorite song!

By favorite song, I don't have much in mind. Maybe you guys could act out a little scene (with your dolls, of course!) from your favorite song, and tell me the song, and maybe put it on the picture? And if one of you guys did If I Die Young by The Band Perry, that would be awesome! But i won't favor pictures, no worries :)

These are due the 22nd. PLEASE SEND THEM IN!!!!!!!!

Whatever song you want!

Peace out dudes!

~ Amerigirl ~


  1. oooh!! This theme is AWESOME!! GREAT idea! I just don't know what song to do with a red head in it:(

  2. Hey Amerigirl! What is the date that we have to have our pictures in?

  3. Cool! So excited to start working on it.

  4. Thanks Willow! I'm a little... tired.

  5. I know exactly what I want to do, and know what it will look like!:)

  6. I know what I am going to do! I am doing one of my very favorite songs!