Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos Due THURSDAY!!!!

Okay guys. Don't forget to send in your pictures. I DO NOT want to have to eliminate you for not sending in your pictures. So please send them in on or before Thursday September 22.


Alisha with Jess
Karalee with Rebecca- Received your picture!
Willow with Melissa- Received your picture!
Emma with Gwen- Received your picture!
Renata with Mercer
Francesca with Caroline- Received your picture!
Iona with Kanani
Anne with Chrissa
Britts with Felicity
Nutti Netti with Mia
Carolyn with Delilah- Received your picture!
Lexie with Bridget
Chloe with Elizabeth- Received your picture!
Liddy with Natalie
Jeneca with Kanani
Sarah with Ruthie
Mackenzie with Lanie
Lilac with Kanani
Jessie with Taylor
Kaeden with Kacie
Margarette M with Amber

Thank you for those who sent them in already, and the rest of you, please send them in soon :)
Come on guys... tomorrow's your last day!


  1. Roger, Amerigirl! By the way, I think you should put up the list of participants, then next to their names say 'have pic' or 'don't have pic'.

  2. Here's my pic!


  3. Okay,I am going to take my photo.So sorry,I just have so busy.:)

  4. I sent my picture in, I think you got it, because you replied

  5. When are you going to post the pictures?
    (sorry it says Jennifer, something got messed up with my email so I'm using my mom's account :-/)

  6. Soon... I'll do it tomorrow. I'm having friends over to watch Modern Family tonight, so I can't do it until the weekend.

  7. Ok. Did you get my picture?