Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Won't be here!

Hey world. *Looks over shoulder* This is Ali, one of Amerigirl's dolls (MyAG 53). I'm not really supposed to be posting, I'm supposed to be packing. One second.

"Ali, are you packed?"

"Yes mom! *mumbles* Almost."

Okay. So basically, I'm writing to say that we'll be away until the twenty fourth of August. There are only four more spots. First four people to comment are the people in. If not enough people comment, Amerigirl will check the message board and the email. If 5 or 6 people comment/email/pm her, I'll try to talk Amerigirl into letting them all participate ;)

"Ali! You know we have to get up at five am, right? I still have to right on the AGC blog and finish packing... at least your done."

"Uh... coming!!!"

Okay. I'd better go start packing. I mean, bring my suitcase downstairs.

Hopefully I'll get to post again... If Amerigirl doesn't kill me!

Bey for now, (and wish me luck!)



  1. i am the first to comment! may i have a spot? or is it on this post?

  2. You have to comment on the sign up page with your name and your doll's name. There's only one spo left, so you might want to enter soon.