Friday, August 12, 2011

Season 6 Final Results

**I know how anxious you all are, but please read all the way through. Don't just jump the the exciting part. I took a lot of time writing this :) **

I want to start off by saying how great it has been to be the Host of this season. I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did. I hope to compete with all of you next season, but with the changes that college brings I will more than likely have to drop out before it is done. Anyway, I have received fabulous pictures for every round this season. And now, it is time for me to show you the pictures that our two finalists submitted for Round 10 "Time of Day".

Jasmine with Cynthia

 Amerigirl with Mia
(Sorry it's so small, I couldn't make it any bigger without butchering the quality)

Now, I would like to take a brief moment to say a little something about each of our finalists:

Amerigirl- You have taken some amazing pictures this season! They always have great detail and wonderful composition. I look forward to seeing a lot more pictures from you.

Jasmine- I love your photo style. You always come up with something super creative to meet the topic. Your watermarking is also very good (and I love the text on your final photo). I will be watching for your future photos as well.

Now for the hard part. I just want to make sure that both of you realize how great all of your pictures are and that you are definitely both winners :) Ok... So, the winner of the American Girl Contest Season 6 and Host of Season 7 is....

"Amerigirl with Mia"!!

I will email you soon with the details such as email, blogger, picasa and AGfan message board usernames and passwords. Congratulations!

Jasmine- I want to take another moment to congratulate you as well. You have done very well and I genuinely hope to compete against you next season :)

And now, I bid you farewell. (well sort of...) I have had a great time being your host and I know that Amerigirl and all of our other future hosts will have just as great a time as I did. 

Signing off,



  1. OMG!!! Congrats Amerigirl!! Good job Jasmine! ;)

  2. Wow! Well done Amerigirl, and Jasmine you were amazing this season!

  3. Congrats, Amerigirl! And congrats to both of you! You did both amazing! :D

  4. Congrats Amerigirl! But if I want to enter next season can I just comment with the link to the photo because I don't have an AGFMB account & can't email:(