Monday, May 9, 2011

Round 5 Theme

Hehe... Ok, so I forgot. I'm sorry, but at least I remembered today and didn't make you wait even longer!

I have to admit, I'm not really the best or most creative when the time to pick a theme comes around. I try my best to come up with fun, flexible ideas, so I hope that you all enjoy them.

The theme for Round 5 is.... *drumroll*

Heritiage/Culture/Family History

Please limit the amount of text on your entry, and just give me a beautiful creative picture showing some part of your dolls... well, look above. This doesn't mean no text, just don't overload me :) Black and white could be nice, but I'm also a sucker for rich, vibrant colors.

Do your best, and get me your photo on or before... Saturday, May 21.  I plan on posting the results either that Sunday or Monday, so be sure to get them in on time :)


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  1. You do such a great job with picking rounds! This one is so mind boggling!