Friday, May 6, 2011

Round 4 Results

Hello! Sorry I didn't get these up yesterday, I had my physics exam today and had to spend all of yesterday relearning what I had forgotten from the beginning of the year :)

Anywho! Here are all of the FABULOUS entries that I got this round. I am very proud of everyone, you all did great.

Munch with Samantha

Jasmine with Cynthia

Sonja with Adair

 Carolyn with Delilah

Alisha with Jess

Liddy with Natalie

Mackenzie with Chrissa

Quinlyn with Felicity

Koda with Josefina

Iona with Kit

Britts with Jasmine

 Amerigirl with Mia

Emma with Kit
Yay! Everyone got their pictures in this round! They are all so great too!
Now for the two hard parts...
Special Mentions:
Munch with Samantha- I wasn't to sure about your picture at first, but it has totally grown on me! It is such
                                        a great idea, and executed well too. I like it :)
Jasmine with Cynthia- I love the energy in the picture. The bright colors and patterns go wonderfully
                                       against the black and white. Overall, a really interesting picture :)
Sonja with Adair- Great pictures. I love the "white against black" and "black against white". Also very well
                               taken! I love the gleam in her eyes and how nice her hair looks.
Now... for the really, super, unbelievably hard part. I have to eliminate two people. I am very sorry to have chosen "Emma with Kit" and "Koda with Josefina". You have both done really well this season and I hope you get a chance to compete again in season 7.
I have a couple ideas for round 5, so I will most likely have one picked by Sunday. Stay tuned :)


  1. Wow - Great entries. I wouldn't be able to choose!! I love all of them!!

  2. Awesome! Thanks! I can't wait for round five!

  3. Wow, thanks! I never expected to get a Special Mention :) And I can't wait for Round 5!

  4. Hello! I am just wondering, but I am going out of town at the very beginning of season 7. Is there any way that I could sign up early and miss 1 or 2 rounds?