Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Round 5 Results

Just for the record, I was trying to post the results a few days ago but, for some reason blogger on my laptop will NOT log out of my personal email account! If anyone knows why this could be or how to fix it please contact me :)

Now, this is the part where I would normally post all of the pictures... Well, I've been trying and this computer just isn't working with me so that will have to wait. Sorry.

Nevermind :) I fixed my problem and can now show you the pretty pictuces!

Sonja with Adair

 Britts with Jasmine

Carolyn with Delilah

Jasmine with Cynthia

Alisha with Jess

Amerigirl with Mia

Liddy with Natalie

Mackenzie with Chrissa

Because there are only 8 people left, I am going to start changing up how I do the special mentions. This round there will be two.

1. Amerigirl with Mia: I love the picture! It has lots of great colors and looks pretty realistic.
2. Britts with Jasmine: I really like how you did it. Nice quality photo with good lighting and coloring choices.

Munch with Samantha , unfortunately, dropped out of the competition due to an overloaded schedule. She has done very well this season and I'm sure we will all miss seeing her pictures.

I have to eliminate Quinlyn and Iona, as neither of them turned in a picture for the round.

I'll announce the next topic either later today or tomorrow!

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