Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round 4's Theme

Yay! Time to announce the theme for Round 4!!

Just to build up the anticipation, I'm going to babble a little first :) I got my graduation "supplies" today! I am super excited. Only 9 more days of high school left and I got asked multiple times [by some freshman] if I was a freshman and got very surprised reactions everytime I gave my answer. Oh well. 1 day until Spring break and then only 8 more days!


The theme for the round is...

Black and White

Now, don't jump to conclusions, your picture does not have to be a black and white picture, but when I look at it, I want to be able to understand how it matches the theme. Black and white could be literal or figurative. Think about it. Be creative. Take some pictures and have them in no later than May 4th.

Have some fun and turn in some beautiful pictures! Also, Don't forget that you can always turn them in early!! :)

All for now,



  1. This sounds really cool! I'm super excited!

  2. I already have my idea, and I am really looking forward to it!:D


  3. That's a really cool theme, I can't wait to see peoples pictures.