Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh hey, looky there!

It would appear as though Round 3's pictures are due this coming Saturday! Man, that really snuck up on me... Well, anyway, here is your reminder!

Sorry that I don't have anything super witty to put in, but my peak flow is only at about 275 right now, and with my height etc. it should be a lot more. (for those of you who don't understand this babble, it's code for I've got asthma and a really bad cold.) Hopefully, I will be all better and back to my normal bubbly self on Saturday when I judge your pictures!

I've got about 5 already, but I want the rest of them!!! Right now! Go! Really! (just kidding... kind of... :)  )



  1. Aw... I hope you get better. :) Colds are my worst enemy! LOL!

  2. Can I turn in the pic Saturday.

  3. Yes, Pictures can be turned in today. They just have to be in sent to me before Sunday morning :)

  4. Are you going to post the results today?

  5. Are you going to judge soon? I hope you feel better . . . I HATE being sick. :-P