Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Round 3's Theme

Are you excited for Round 3? I am! I have been having a beyond difficult time picking a theme for this round, but I believe I have come up with a fairly good one. It sounds simple at first, but I really like the pictures I got when I gave you few limitations, so I am trying it again. Here we go...

The Round 3 theme is...

"My Favorite Outfit"

I want a beautiful "Fashion Photography" picture of your doll modeling her favorite outfit. Be creative, but remember not to bulk up the clothes or accessories on your doll. (I don't know if the idea of that last sentence was very clear, Accessories and layers can be a good thing, but not too many). I want some more FABULOUS pictures for this round so go out and get started!

The deadline for this round will be... Saturday April 16th. I have to make it a little earlier so that I can get results posted and the next theme up before I leave on my spring break trip :)



  1. Oh perfect! I have a favorite doll outfit that I use ALL the time!

  2. Can we have more than one picture?