Monday, November 8, 2010

Round 1!

Hi! I have almost everyones pics up! Again, you all did a great job! I'm sorry I didn't get the link thing working yet. I'll try to fix that soon.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for....ROUND 1!

Now, before I reveal the theme, I want to say a few things. For this theme, let your imagination run wild :) Be as creative as you can! It's a versatile theme, so you can make it turn out how you want it.

The theme is...Fairy-Tale.

There is MANY different ways you can bring this theme into your picture, firstly because there's many different kinds of fairytales. There's the magical disney-like princessy fairytales, there's the cute and funny fairytales, and then there's what I call the "Grimm" fairytale - which are dark and mysterious.

Btw, I don't mind how you bring the fairytale theme into it - you could make a theme by acting out a fairy-tale story (click HERE to get ideas!), or you could have your doll reading a fairytale, or whatever you'd can think of!

I'm going to give you 8 days, which will be the 16th. I'll try to get them up the next day! Please don't wait til the last minute! Unfortunatly, this time I'll have to eliminate people :(

I hope you have fun with this theme! Remember - be creative!



  1. I can't wait, Adair loves Fairy-tales!! :)

  2. Oh this should be fun! I don't have a wide variety of clothes to put on Eve though...

  3. This sounds so cool! I can't wait to get mine done and see everyone else's!

  4. Sounds so cool! I'm really excited. Since it's dark by the time I get home, I'll have to wait until the weekend to actually take my pictures but I'm really hyped to start brainstorming.
    Libby {and Becky!}

  5. Oh wow it's already due tomorrow! I'll try to take my picture tonight and send it to you on the message board Hannah!

  6. Okay just sent it on the AGFMB!