Monday, November 1, 2010

Contestant List and Special Assignment!

Hey everyone! I want to thank you all for entering this Season of AGC! I hope you'll all have lots of fun :)

First, here's the list of contestants! If you signed up already, but I missed you on the list, please contact me and I'll fix it!

Jasmine with Marisol
Karalee with Ruthie
Iona with Miley
Libby with Becky
Sonja with Adair
Carolyn with Julie
Quinlyn with Kirsten
Nutti Netti with Mia
Sara with Eve
Anne with Rebecca
Danielle with Ali
Livvy with Nelly
Alisha with Jess
Gabrielle with Alice
Shelby with Savannah
Britts with Rose
Emily with Elizabeth

Wow, that's seventeen people!

And now...I have to tell you about a really pre-assignment!

Karalee came up with this cool idea (thanks again Karalee, for telling me about it!). Let me explain:

This is not included in the regular rounds, this is a special assignment. Nobody will get eliminated or anything, it's just for fun! All you have to do is email me a headshot of the doll that you're using for this contest. Then, on the side of this blog, I will put up all the pictures and the names of the dolls. That will let everyone get to know all the "contestants" that will be in this Season! Here's an example of what I mean, it's at the right hand side of the blog beneath the "meet my dolls" button:

If you are not sure what I mean, you can comment, email (, or PM me with any questions you might have.

As I said, nobody will get eliminated in this round, but please try to get the picture in by November 5th! (that gives you today and 4 more days, I hope that's enough!) UPDATE: I decided to give you guys a little more time, since only 6 out of the 17 people have gotten it in so far. Is two more days okay? That will be the 7th. Please get them in soon! :)

Have a great day,

Your Contest Host, Hannah


  1. I totally get what you mean! I'll send in a snap of Becky a.s.a.p. Is it okay if it's not taken fresh for this?

  2. Sure, Libby! That's fine for this assignment, if you already have a pic!

  3. Great idea! I'll get mine in asap!

  4. I'll send mine as soon as I can! :)

  5. I just sent my photo of Jess! :)

    Here's my pic Hannah! Hope you don't mind me putting the link here! If you want me to send it, pm me or email me!

    Amy and