Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Round 1 Pictures!

Hey everyone! Almost everyone got there pictures in, thanks! And thanks to all of you who got them in early, it was a great help!

I just want to say that I'm really amazed with all your pictures. You all were really creative! Here they are:

Sonja with Adair:

Quinlyn with Kirsten:

Nutty Netti with Mia:

Livvy with Nelly:

Libby with Becky

Karalee with Ruthie:

Jasmine with Marisol:

Iona with Miley:

Gabrielle with Alice:

Emily with Elizabeth:

Britts with Rose:

Anne with Rebecca:

Alisha with Jess:

Sara with Eve:
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Btw, Shelby did get her picture in and everything, but it just didn't work. I'll post it up as soon as I can, I think she'll just need to send it a different way is all.

Now comes the very hardest part of judging...having to eliminate people. :( First, I have to eliminate Carolyn and Danielle because they didn't get their pictures in. :( And also (this was a hard decision!) Emily. I'm very sorry, you three! Like I said, it's very hard to decide - especially on the first round! I hope you all had fun while you were in it, you were great contestants! Remember that Season 6 isn't so far away!

I'll post the new theme soon (hopefully tomorrow)!



  1. I wonder why the pictures are showing up sort of blurry? It might just be my computer though.

  2. I didn't get them in because I was in such a rush, and it's my Birthday! I'm so sorry, I know I'm disqualified. I thought I had until the 18th! :-( Turns out not so pretty because I had a cool picture . . . :(

    ~Carolyn with Julie

  3. Sonja - Yeah, they are blurry >:( It's because I stretched them to make them bigger, I won't do that next time!

  4. Are you going to post "winners" of the round? Like first, second, third place?
    Also I think Carolyn should be allowed back in.

  5. Congrats, ya'll! I'll be back, next year. I'll also be getting better at photography, while I'm at it.

  6. yeah, are you doing honorable mentions this season? you don't have to...but it's good to know these things... XD

  7. I love all the colours of this round,all so soft and bewitching...