Sunday, June 16, 2013

Round Eight Results

Whew! That was a busy weekend! Conventions and balls! Anyway, lets get to the entries.

Bekah with Alayna

AGTriviaMaster with Callie

TracAn with Taryn Eana

Rachel Nicole with Mya

Misspiggy=awesome with Julianna

Now some of you did not send in your photographs, 
so I don't have to eliminate anyone who sent in their photos.

So that means that,

Gracie with Ali


Jess with Rosalyn are out. 

I'm sorry guys, you did really well in the competition! I hope you'll compete next season!

[Note: I will only be eliminating 1 person from now on]

Now onto special mentions.

AGTriviamaster with Callie: I love the contrast between modern and historical!

Bekah with Alayna: Love the simplicity! Her dress is adorable!

Next round theme will be here by Wednesday!



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