Friday, May 24, 2013

Round Seven Results

Here are the photos!

{Willow's Tip: The name of the person who took the photo is written under the photo, not above.}

AGTriviaMaster with Callie

Emma with Delilah

Rachel Nicole with Mya

Jess with Rosalyn

Bekah with Alayna

Misspiggy=awesome with Julianna

VKpixie with Samantha

TracAn with Taryn Eana

Gracie with Ali

Okay, first of all: I'm going to start doing two {2} special mentions for at least two more rounds. Then we will go to one. Because if I do three, that's one third {1/3} of the people getting a special mention. 
Not super fair. So we're going to two. 

Okay: I will eliminate only 2 for at least 2 more rounds as well.

VKpixie with Samantha


Emma with Delilah

I hate to lose you guys, and really hope you'll enter the next contest!

On to the special mentions:

#1: AGTriviaMaster with Callie: Lovely focus!

#2: Bekah with Alayna: The movie thing was awesome!

Next theme comes tomorrow!



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  1. Great job everyone! :) I can't wait until the next theme!