Monday, January 7, 2013

Round Two Results

Merry Late Christmas {Happy Hanukkah} and Happy New Year!

I was very pleased with the photos for this round :)

Priya with Lanie

AGTriviaMaster with Callie

Teryn with Emily

VKpixie with Samantha

Alanna with Amy

Jess with Rosalyn

Emma with Delilah

Claire with London

Lena Grace with Jessa

Misspiggy=awesome with Julianna

Gracie with Ali

Rachel Nicole with Mya

Katie with McKenna

 TracAn with Taryn Eana

Jeneca with Kanani

Alisha with Jess

Silence with Elizabeth

Sadly, both Jessie with McKenna and Emma Kate with Gwen did not get their photos in, so they are out.

But that means that I will not have to eliminate anyone else :)

Special Mentions:

Lena Grace with Jessa: Sweet! I love it! Simple, sweet and colorful!

Rachel Nicole with Mya: Beautiful! The lighting and quality just are superb!

Bekah with Alayna: Lovely lighting. So simple, and sweet!




The theme will come as soon as I think of it, at least by Saturday.
I had one, but then changed my mind because it seemed too hard.


  1. Why didn't you post my picture?

    1. Oh my goodness, I am SO SORRY! I don't know how I forgot.... but it's up now, no worries.

  2. Wow, everyone's photos are great!!! :D Congrats to the special mentions!

  3. Beautiful photos everyone! Can't wait until the next round! :)

  4. I love them all! I so wish I could have stayed in, but I'm getting busier every day with school... D:

  5. ...It's been awhile. Why don't we have a theme yet? You said by Saturday and it's Tuesday.