Thursday, August 23, 2012

Results - Round 5

Hurrah! All but one contestant sent in their entries. We're getting somewhere now!
 Emma with Lanie
 Bekah with Alayna
 Priya with Penelope
 Silence with Felicity
VKPixie with Maya
 Willow with Josefina
 Madeline with Katie
Phoebe with Evelyne

Wow, you all did spectacular jobs with your interpretation of the theme. Onto special mentions {from now on I'll only be doing two mentions, as there are only 8 contestants left}...
Priya with Penelope - I. Love. This. Oh my heavens. Seriously, this is almost exactly what I had in mind when I posted the theme... and it's so cute and well done! Great job!!
Willow with Josefina - I adore this one. It's very well set up, has good lighting, etc. Also, my family adopted two little girls from Africa last year, so this has special meaning to me. Great job to you too, Willow!

Unfortunately Lissie [with Dakota] did not send her entry in, so she is now out of the contest. ): That clears up my 'eliminating quota', though, so all 8 who sent in their entries are still in. I'll try to have your new theme up soon.
much love,

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  1. Thank you so much, Jessie!! I love everyone's photos, too!
    Can't wait to see the next theme. :)