Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Results - Round 4

Emma with Lanie
Silence with Felicity
Willow with Josefina
Lissie with Dakota
 Bekah with Alayna
 Madeline with Katie
 VKPixie with Maya
 Priya with Penelope
Phoebe with Evelyne

I really liked this round's entries. Onto special mentions... I'll only be doing two from now on as there are only nine of you left.
Bekah with Alayna - I love this! The sunset behind Alayna is really pretty.
Madeline with Katie - Very nice detail. I can tell you put a lot of work into this!!

On slightly sadder note, if you are:
-Jasmine with Cynthia
-Quinlyn with Kit
-Alisha with Jess
then you are, very unfortunately, out of the contest. Alisha had to drop out as she was not able to send a picture in this round, and there was some confusion over the due date so it's not anybody's fault for getting their picture in late, but as Quinlyn pointed out to me, if I let them stay in I would have to let anybody who sent their picture in late stay in. If that sentence even made any sense to you... but I'm very, very sorry to you three and I really hope you can compete next season!! You were all really amazing competitors. (:

I'll have the next theme up hopefully by tomorrow. If not, Sunday, as I'll be busy from Thursday to Saturday.

much love,

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