Friday, July 13, 2012

Your entries are due TOMORROW!

Hola! I know I'm being pessimistic and all that, but your pictures are due tomorrow and I only have nine out of sixteen. So, that leaves seven more pictures to be sent in. I'm accepting them all day today and tomorrow, so that leaves you a day and a half to send them in. If your name is on the list below, PLEASE take note and work on your picture!!

-Willow with Josefina
-Stormi with Stacy
-Carolyn with Rebekah
-Alisha with Jess
-Lena Grace with Emily
-Jasmine with Cynthia
-Katelyn with Amanda

All of you must get your entries in before 12:00am on Sunday, July 15, California time. I WILL NOT EXTEND THE DEADLINE AGAIN. Please, please, please get your pictures in soon! If you have a blog, I'll try to leave a comment on it soon.

Go get shooting!

-Jessie (:


  1. I'm sorry, but I have to drop out of the contest this season. We are in the middle of moving and I just don't have the time nor the facilities for taking and uploading pictures. I'm sorry I didn't let you know earlier, I thought I might be able to make it. I guess not. :(

  2. Awww, that's too bad! I hope you can participate next season.