Thursday, May 31, 2012

Round 2 Theme

Whew! Sorry I'm getting this to you a little late. My family just got a week-old kitten (we found her in our backyard), and we've been pretty busy with that. Okay, your next theme is.......
...things I love.
I'm kinda being vague with the theme, I know, but you get the idea. Go get shooting! These are due Monday, June 18. If you do not turn your picture in, you will be eliminated. Please get them in this time!!! (:
-Jessie (:


  1. Hey, I have a stupid question XD
    Are you going to be eliminating this round if you don't like the entry?

  2. That's not a stupid question at all! (: I will be eliminating the two I'm supposed to, but only if I get all the entries.