Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's time for Season 8!!

Hiyo, everybody! My name is Jessie. I'll be hosting y'all for this season! I'm super excited, and can't wait to get started. So, a little bit about me: I have three American Girl Dolls, one Hearts4Hearts doll, and one Goetz doll, whose names are Taylor (you've seen her), Sophie, Felicity, Consuelo, and Sam (antha). My blogs are here and here. One of them is my 366/year photo blog, where I'll be posting every day, and the other one is my doll blog. Please check them out! One more thing about me that you should know is that I am a Christian. Christ is the center of my life and I strive every day to do his will. If this is offensive or against your beliefs in any way, I do not apologise. (:

I also want to give a HUGE thank-you to Amerigirl for hosting Season 7 of AGC, and making it super fun. Her themes were AMAZING and she was just an all-around awesome host!! Oh, and WILLOW: You were such an amazing contestant last season!!!!! Every round I would look at your pictures and just say, "WOW." That's how good you were. I was extremely surprised that I won. Actually, EVERYBODY was amazing! I loved looking at all of your pictures. 

Okey dokey! Sign-ups are open from now until Saturday, May 26th, or until I have 20 (my maximum will be 22, so if a few sign up at a time I'll consider letting them in) contestants. Leave a comment or email me with your name and doll you'll be using. When you sign up, PLEASE email me ( a headshot (a picture of the upper half of your doll) of the doll that you will be using. If you don't submit these, you won't be eliminated, but it's very strongly suggested. (: Also, just to let you all know, I will be using the AGFMB, and you can private message me your pictures (AGCcontesthost), although I'd prefer if you email it to me. Also, if you have recently ordered a new doll but she might not be in your possession in time for the FIRST ROUND (any after that isn't accepted), let me know and I'll let you use a different doll for the first round.
ANYHOO, here's a list of rules (I didn't write them, Sonja--a previous host--did.) for the contest:

1. You must take all of the pictures for your contest
2. It should be understood that if you fail to turn in your entry too late, you will be automatically eliminated.
3. Please, please please think about which doll you will enter. This contest is going to be a lot about personality, so you should know your dolls and consider which one to enter before you sign up. This also means NO SWITCHING DOLLS in the middle of the competition.
4. Editing/watermarking your photos is encouraged!! If it helps you be more creative with your picture, go ahead and do it, although if your picture looks good enough without any editing you don't have to. 
5. In some rounds, you will be allowed to do more than one picture. I'll be sure to make it clear when and when not this is acceptable. 
6. I will give out 2-3 honorable mentions to my favourite entries each round. Getting an honorable mention does not mean that you will win or get top 3. 
7. To stay in the competition, you must take clear photos (try using a tripod and a remote shutter if you have them, and use natural light. No flash, please! It completely messes up the picture.), where your doll is the main subject, be creative-try to think of your own new ideas- and, say the subject is "My hobbies", I don't want it to be sitting under a tree.

Okay! I'll add your name to the list as I get entries. Please enter, this season will be super fun! I already have  tons of fun theme ideas. (: 

  1. Willow with Josefina
  2. Bekah with Alayna
  3. Lena Grace with Emily
  4. Silence with Felicity
  5. Jasmine with Cynthia
  6. Jeneca with Mia
  7. Alisha with Jess
  8. VKPixie with Maya
  9. Priya with Penelope
  10. Quinlyn with Kit
  11. Emma with Lanie
  12. Laney with Lanie
  13. Lexie with Bridget
  14. Phoebe with Evelyne
  15. Carolyn with Rebekah
  16. Vivy with Elli
  17. Gracie with Alison
  18. Stormi with Stacy
  19. Katelyn with Amanda
  20. Madeline with Katie
  21. Lissie with Dakota
Update: Sign-ups are now closed! Thanks to all of you who entered. I'll post the first theme and a due-date for the headshots and stuff ASAP.

If you want to change your doll BEFORE THE CONTEST STARTS, that's totally fine. Just to let you know. (: If you come across this post after the 26th of May, 2012, you are not allowed to enter. Sorry if this disappoints you... but I do have to start the season sometime. Anyhoo, I think that's all! I hope you'll enter! (:



  1. Bekah with Alayna! :) I'll email you her headshot ASAP, hopefully tomorrow.

  2. Lena Grace with Emily (Emilia Rose)
    I'll be giving you my photos through the AGFMB.

    1. I sent you my headshot through AGFMB. :)

  3. Silence with Felicity. I'll send you my headshot as soon as possible, OK?

  4. Jasmine with Cynthia, If you don't mind, I'm using the same headshot I used a couple seasons ago.

  5. Jeneca with Mia! I'll send a headshot tonight/tomorrow threw email.

  6. My name is Quinlyn and I am going to enter with Kit. :)

  7. I'm Carolyn, and I'm entering with Rebekah! I'll send my picture ASAP! It'll come to you once the weather's nicer around here. ;]


  8. I'm Phoebe, entering Evelyne! I'm in the process of sending the picture right now!

  9. I'm Stormi entering with Stacy. I'm taking my headshot right now.

  10. Hi, I'm Katelyn using Amanda (previously Rebecca), I'll have in my head-shots ASAP!

  11. Madeline with Katie! But I'm already up there. :o)

  12. I can't wait until we know the new theme!