Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here they are!!! SOOO GOOD!!!
Lilac with Kanani

Willow with Melissa

Jessie with Taylor

You all did a great job. Unfortunately, I have to eliminate somebody. I'm sorry to say that Lilac is out of the competition. You were a great contestant. I hope to see you compete again next season.

For Willow and Jessie... CONGRATZ!! You two are in the final round! I'll post the next theme as soon as I think of it.

Jessie - Sorry I got yours up late. I was away and couldn't figure out how to save your picture on my mom's laptop (weird that it only happened for one picture, right?).

~ Amerigirl~


  1. Awesome! I'll try to send it soon... I think there's a way you can post it without saving it though. Try opening the message, then click "Open attachment". Then you should be able to right-click and select "copy image url". Go into blogger, click on the "add picture" thing, and go to the option that says "Image url" or something. THEN you can paste (right click and select "paste" or just press ctrl v) the url into the space. If that doesn't work let me know! :)

  2. okey dokey... here's the url. hope this works!