Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wow, I actually got these up close to when this round ended! Who am I? jk. These pictures were all amazing!!!! Great job. And here they are:

Anne with Chrissa

Nutti Netti with Mia

Jessie with Taylor

Emma with Gwen

Willow with Melissa

Lilac with Kanani

Chloe with Elizabeth

Mackenzie with Lanie

Jeneca with Kanani

Lexie with Bridget

Wow!!! See what I mean? AMAZING!!!!!!! So for the special mentions (in no particular order)...

Mackenzie - Beautiful picture! The lighting's great. Lanie looks beautiful. The idea is great. So cute!! Love it.

Willow - GREAT!!!! Melissa looks great! I just love the outfit (especially the hat). Great lighting.

Chloe - This is a great picture! So good... way improved from the other rounds! I love her coat!

Now for the hard part... elimination. You all got your pictures in... So I have to eliminate two people :"( I'm sorry to eliminate Lexie with Bridget and Nutti Netti with Mia. You were both great contestants and we'll miss you.

I'll post the next theme soon (almost accidentally said "spoon" instead of "soon"),

~ Amerigirl!!! ~


  1. Thanks Amerigirl! I can't wait till the next round!

    Via(The Way) Veritas(of Truth) Vita(and Life)

    The Way will guide you,
    The Truth will set you free.
    A new Life is written,
    For those who believe.

  2. Yay! I can't wait to see the next theme!