Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Results! (I know it took forever and a half, sorry)

Ugggg.... Sometimes homework and dance and everything can really get in the way of things (such as posting some AWESOME pictures)! Well here they (finally) are!

Jeneca with Kanani

Chloe with Elizabeth

Willow with Melissa

Nutti Netti with Mia

Anne with Chrissa

Lilac with Kanani

Lexie with Bridget

Emma with Gwen

Jessie with Taylor

Mackenzie with Lanie

Okay... I'm really sorry if I forgot anyone. Just tell me and I'll fix it. 

So for those of you who didn't get your pictures in, I'm sorry, you're no longer in the competition. We'll miss you.

And now for special mentions...

Jeneca with Kanani - Just plain... awesome! So much detail... very creepy. Nice job! LOVE the costumes.

Mackenzie with Lanie - So cute! I love it. The costumes are adorable!

Lilac with Kanani - Adorable! The pumpkins really add some nice detail.

Quick fact about me... well, kind of fact about me-ish... yeah, I know. Halloween was postponed in my town due to power outages and down trees and wires (not fun) to November 4, the day the pictures were due. Coincidence... oh yeah! Yeah, random I know...

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!

So out of the comments you guys came up with... the new theme is... What we're thankful for. These are due November 20. I'll try to have them up by Thanksgiving so you can all see what you guys are thankful for.

If you actually read everything in that post, wow, you have stamina (*vocab wow alert*)!

Get out and get shooting, any questions, just ask.

~ Amerigirl ~


  1. I can't wait to see the next theme!

  2. How do I sign up??? Or am I to late??

  3. Awesome! I love everyone's photo's! I especially like Jeneca's!

  4. Ok so i found out about the competition at the secound round and i know it's WAY to late for me to enter (sad face) so when do you start it over agian?

    BTW Go Chloe!

  5. I hope I can get a special mention!

  6. Sorry, it's too late to enter. I'm not sure when exactly next season will be. It's after this one is over.

  7. :D My internet is (and has for about 3 weeks) been going off and on on our computer at home (I'm at the library)so my picture MIGHT be a teeny, weeny, kinda sorta maybe never late...? I'm excited for the next round!!!

  8. (Psst! I'm Jeneca XD Zaidia is a Pen name

  9. @Zaidia that's okay just tell me a little closer to the date, just try and get it in.

  10. Is there a limit for how many images we can include in our entry? Maybe 4?

  11. Emma, do what ever you would like, four id fine. I'm so glad you like the theme!