Monday, July 25, 2011

Round 8 Results

O. M. Goodness. This has been the BEST round. I am in complete awe of the amazing pictures that all 4 contestants took. Allow me to show them to you:

Jasmine with Cynthia

Britts with Jasmine

Alisha with Jess

Amerigirl with Mia

See what I mean!! How am I suppose to eliminate one of these wonderful photographers? Alas, it must be done. And so, with deep regret, I have chosen to eliminate...

"Alisha with Jess"  You have done such amazing work this season! Congratulations on making it this far, and I really truly hope to see you compete next season!

And three remained.

I will post the Theme for round 9 as soon as I can. If I think of a really good one today I might post it later this evening. If I don't post it tonight, I will more than likely post it tomorrow night because I have to work all day :( 

See you soon!


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