Monday, March 7, 2011

Round 1's Theme

The theme for AGC Season 6 Round 1 is...

About Me

I want to see a picture that describes some aspect of you dolls personality. Help me get to know them a little better :) This could be some sport they play, an activity they like, a musical instrument, anything about their personality that you think is special. Remember to make your doll look nice, hair should be brushed, clothes should fit etc. I want some really nice, creative pictures for this round, and I know that you all can do it! Go ahead and impress me :)

Round 1's pictures will be due by Thursday, March 17th. I will judge on Friday the 18th. Please get the pictures in as soon as you can. I hate to eliminate people for failure to comply with the deadline.

Also, the 3 of you who have  not gotten in you headshots... Please turn them in with or before your picture for round 1 :)



  1. I'm excited to see everyone's pictures! I really like the theme.

  2. Oh! Hi I'm new here and I think this will be so fun! Can I sign up now?

  3. I'm new here too and we have to wait until the next season to enter.