Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've gottten pictures from almost everyone! I only waitng for about me pictures from "Gabrielle with Alice", "Gabby with Felicity" and I still need a headshot and About Me picture from "Danielle with Alaska".

I know that I said I would judge tomorrow, but I am in a school play and it really looks like I won't be able to judge until Saturday morning, so if anyone knows how to contact those 3 people and get them to turn their pictures in it would be much appreciated :)

This is a one time thing. I do not and will not extend any other deadlines, but this one time since I can't hold up my end of the deal I will give a slight extension. I will not accept any photos turned in after Midnight Friday, February 18.

Sorry to those of you who got your pictures in and will have to wait on me :(   I promise that it will not happen again anytime soon.



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  2. Hi Karalee! I was wondering if I wanted to enter the next season but I can't email & I do not have a AGFMB account, could I just comment with the link to my Picasa & the picture up there?