Sunday, December 19, 2010

Round 3's Pictures!

Wow, I was really surprised by all your creative entries this round! Here they all are:

Sonja with Adair:

NuttyNetti with Mia

Livvy with Nelly

Karalee with Ruthie:

Jasmine with Marisol:

Iona with Miley:
Anne with Rebecca:

Alisha with Jess:

Sara with Eve:
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Great job everyone!

I love them all, but here are some that really stood out to me-

Honorable Mentions:

Jasmine: Wow, very creative and detailed! I mean, look at it! It's really detailed and colorful. Great job!

Sonja: This one really stands out to me. It's so pretty, really well taken and I can tell you spent time it! Great job.

Karalee: It's so cute! The idea is so sweet and the Black and White gives it such an old-fashioned look.

And now I have to disqualify three people. :( Firstly, I have to eliminate Quinlyn because she didn't get her picture in by the 17th. I'm so sad to have to do that. Also - Alisha and Sara. So sorry - it was a hard decision :( You did a great job, I hope you had fun in the competition. Congrats on making it to Round 3!!

EDIT: I made a mistake - there's actually one more person who didn't get their pic in. It's Gabrielle with Alice. We'll miss you in the contest Gabrielle!

So, now we have 7 people in the contest. I'll post Round 4's theme very soon!



  1. I thought you only eliminated one person per round, did you decide to do two this week?

  2. No, I've always done 3 per round (unless more people don't get their pictures in on time. But the minimum is 3.)

    Again, congrats on getting to round 3! I hope you had fun.