Monday, August 23, 2010

Round 5 Results

Quinlyn & Leah

Karalee & Rebecca

Hannie & Katyanna

Anne & Charlotte

Iona & Julie

Jasmine & Emily

Honorable mentions for this round:
3rd: Anne & Charlotte, very cute :)
2nd: Quinlyn & Leah, your picture cracked me up!!
1st: Karalee & Rebecca, great quality picture, very original, and the watermarking is great too.

Gabrielle dropped out of the competition, and I have to eliminate...............................Jasmine. Sorry!!! :(

Round 6 is "Creativity," and the next few subjects will be sort of on Fashion-- the point is, I want it to look like THIS. (Sitara's photos on Flickr.) That means great lighting, backgrounds, and maybe some editing to make the doll look as realistic as possible. So round 7 will be "Autumn"-- in that style. I hope everybody gets this :S If you don't just email me.
Edit: In regards to when you should get me your picture, let's try to get all of round 6's pics in by next Saturday, the 18th. This time I will be very strict about the deadline, I'm warning one of you especially who I have to push to get your picture to me. :S Thanks to those of you who have already sent me your pics for round 6!! You can start taking your round 7 pics, and I'll get the deadline for that up when I judge Round 6.


  1. I already sent in my Creativity pic....Is the creativity pic be sort of on Fashion????Because..Well Mine isn't really and I really dont want to retake it....It's my best pic yet...

  2. HAHA Ok Sonja! Thanks for the honorable mention. :D It took me a while putting away all that stuff after taking the pic. LOL

    @Iona the Creativity pics don't need to be Fashion, just the Autumn one. :)

  3. WOW! What a weird coincidence.... I was just getting on this blog to say that I wanted to drop out because I don't have enough time to keep doing contests.

    My pictures have not been very creative nor very good lately.

    Because creativity wise, I have been slightly stressed out with school (7th grade has been much harder for me then 6th) and with dance homework. You would believe how hard it is to come up with 30 seconds of movement that goes across the floor...

    Quality wise.... I HAVE BEEN BUSY! I've had to take pictures in 15 minutes so that I can get to dance on time.

    I REALLY appreciate all the hard work you've put into this contest. I enjoyed it a ton!

  4. By the way Quinny, I LOVE that dress that Julie is wearing. Where'd you get it?

  5. I can't wait for round 7, sounds fun!

  6. I am totally excited for round 7! It sounds so cool!

  7. here's an idea! I think that we should all turn our round 6's asap so that we can do round 7! I've turned mine in :)

  8. Thanks, for the honorable mention, Sonja! :) I'm very excited for round 6 and I know what I'm doing! I'm so busy with 10th grade this year though!