Thursday, August 5, 2010

Round 4 results

Quinlyn & Leah (click to see entire picture...:S)

Jasmine & Emily

(It was so big I had to make it as a link)

Iona & Julie

Hannie & Katyanna

Gabrielle & Alice

Karalee & Rebecca

I'm glad to say that it's finally time to judge Round 4! I had to be late because some people didn't get their entries to me in time.
Honorable mentions for this round go to:
3rd: Gabrielle & Alice, I loved the editing job Gabrielle did.
2nd: Quinlyn & Leah, for such an adorable picture!!
1st: Karalee & Rebecca for such an original shot! It was really artistic and creative!

I have to eliminate Libby and Shelby for not getting their entries in.

For round 5, "Escape", I know I said email me ( your pictures, but would you mind just sending me the link? Most of you did this but when some of you send me the picture from Gmail, it gets waay too big. So just the link please! Thanks! It is also due on the 28th of August. I think that should be enough time.

Round 6's theme will be......."Creativity." Show how your doll expresses herself creatively, whether it's art, music or something else. PLEASE don't wait until the last day to get your photos in!! I appreciate those who send them in early!!
Comment or email me if you have any questions!!


  1. This one doesn't have any comments! (well, now it does!)

    How are everyones pictures coming?

  2. I've got my pictures for round 5 and 6 in! When are you going to post the round 5 pictures, Sonja? Can't wait to see everyones!


  3. I haven't quite got my picture for 6 ready... I took some, but none of them really pop out at me...

    I can't wait either!!

  4. I'm just waiting on one more person so the results should be up very soon!!

  5. You are WAITING on someone? Don't you have a due date so that you aren't waiting?

  6. Yeah, I don't think you're supposed to wait for people...if they don't have it in in time you have to disqualify them :(


  7. It's been a month since your last post, so we've all had the topic for over a month. If they haven't turned in their picture yet...

  8. Please put them up soon :) I check this like every day, and their never there!!