Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Season 10 \\ Round 5 || Results

Scout with Jess

Stella Reid with Ivy

Rebekah with Alayna

Willow with Saige

Mikaela With Saige

Marisa with Liz

Willsbardgirl with Caroline

Eliminations: Sadly, Anna with Emily and Jeneca with Mia did not get their photos to me in time, thus they are eliminated.

Special mentions:

Willow with Saige & Rebekah with Alayna - I love the quality and lighting.

Great job, everyone!

(If I messed something up, I sincerely apologize, you don't realize how hard this actually is until you host, so if you see a mistake, please kindly let me know)


  1. Wow, everyone did a really great job! So creative!

  2. I love Rebekah's and Scout's!! You guys did such a great job!