Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Season 10 \\ Round 3 || Results

misspiggy=awesome with Caroline

Scout with Jess

Stella Reid with Ivy

Elizabeth with Payton

Jeneca with Mia

Anna with Emily

Willow with Saige

Rebekah with Alayna

Christina with Rebecca

Clara with Kit

Katie With Jacklynn

Marisa with Liz

Silence with Saige

Mikaela with Saige

VKPixie with Felicity

Gabriela with Kanani

Anne with Grace

Willsbardgirl with Caroline

Eliminations: Sadly,  Alisha with Stephanie, Sparkie with Nya, Quinlyn with Caroline, Ava with Orla Lily, and Sammi with Annabeth did not get their photos to me in time, thus they are eliminated.

Special mentions:
misspiggy=awesome with Caroline - I love the lighting (this is artificial lighting done right!), and this photo is just super sweet overall.

Jeneca with Mia - Love this so much. The drama, the adorable props. Lovely!

Willow with Saige - I love how colorful it is! Very cute.

Rebekah with Alayna - I love the idea. So cute!

Christina with Rebecca - Quality, lighting, props. Suburb! And I love the extra doll in the background who looks like she's doing something.

Marisa with Liz - Love the background! I love how she's in the Rio Olympics!

Great job, everyone!

(If I messed something up, I sincerely apologize, you don't realize how hard this actually is until you host, so if you see a mistake, please kindly let me know)


  1. Yay!! Thank you so much!! This was definitely one of my favorite photos to set up!! Awesome job everyone!!

  2. Wow, awesome photos everyone!

    Sorry I wasn't able to send a photo in. Unfortunately, health issues have caused me to drop out of this season and the last season. This time it is because of my own health issues, last season it was because of my dad's and grandfather's health problems. I look forward to seeing everyone else's photos in the next rounds! Hopefully I can participate again next season.

    ~Alisha L. :)

  3. Everyone did such an amazing job! Thanks for giving me special mention, Rachel! :)

    (and I have no idea what's going on with the green tint in my photo--that definitely wasn't there before, but oh well!)

  4. Thanks for the special mention! :D I was surprised when I saw it! Thanks! <3


  5. Great photos everyone! Your dolls are really ambitious! I hope your dad and grandfather get better, Alisha. Rachel Nicole, thank you so much for taking the time to post the photos. It really means a lot to us.

  6. good job everyone! So glad to be apart of this! And thanks Rachel Nicole for all you do!

  7. Everyone's photos were amazing. Every round, I think, 'how will I ever win this thing???!!!!!'