Friday, January 10, 2014

Season 10 \\ Round 2 || Results

Elizabeth with Payton

Gabriela with Kanani

Alisha with Stephanie

Stella Reid with Ivy

Quinlyn with Caroline

Scout with Jess

misspiggy=awesome with Caroline

Willow with Saige

Jeneca with Mia

Marisa with Liz

Silence with Saige

Bekah with Alayna

Anna with Emily

Christina with Rebecca

Katie with Jacklynn

VKPixie with Felicity

Ava with Orla Lily

Sammi with Annabeth

Mikaela with Saige

Clara with Kit

Sparkie with Nya

Anne with Grace

Willsbardgirl with Caroline

Eliminations: Katarina with Chloe, and Sara with Alex did not get their photos to me in time, thus they are eliminated.

Special mentions:

Christina with Rebecca - BEAUTIFUL! I love the lighting, quality, and I love the idea. So simple, but so real.

Alisha with Stephanie - Beautiful all around. I love the simplicity, lighting, quality, and how it really looks like she's putting the nativity together.

Elizabeth with Payton - I love the details of flour on Payton's face. So cute!

Anne with Grace - Love how you're "peeking" into the room. Also the lighting and quality on this one is great.

And a few more- I like the lighting in yours, Bekah, and I like how cute VKPixie's doll looks against the giant nativity.

Great job, everyone!

(If I messed something up, I sincerely apologize, you don't realize how hard this actually is until you host, so if you see a mistake, please kindly let me know)


  1. Thank you!! I was really excited about this one :). Great job everyone!! I love seeing what you all come up with!

  2. All these pictures are awesome!! I'm sorry mine is pixeled.... I won't be exporting from Picasa again without double checking >.<

  3. Congratz to everyone! Sad i was on a trip and couldn't do it but glad every one else was able to get their's in ! :) Can't wait to see the great pictures in next round!

  4. Good job everyone!!!!!!!! And sorry about the sock in the background of mine :/ Ivy went sledding and her sock got wet. She has really big feet. :-)

  5. Wow, great photos! Lots of creativity! And thanks, Rachel, for special mention. :)

  6. Sorry about the too-much lighting in mine, it was peak hours and the lighting was horrible. >-<

  7. I want to give my own shout out to Sparkie with Nya! Your doll is so pretty and I love the lighting!