Sunday, July 7, 2013

Round Nine // Results!

Hello again!
   I'm glad I have time to do this before church, but let's get on with it, right?

[Note: instead of the photos being "large", because we only have five participants, I am doing them all on "extra large"]

AGTriviaMaster with Callie

TracAn with Taryn Eana

misspiggy=awesome with Julianna

 Rachel Nicole with Mya

Bekah with Alayna


Now there should be only 3 more rounds, because I will eliminate one person today, one person next round, and crown a winner the next round, got it? Unless two people don't send in their photo, then this is probably how it'll be.

I hate to eliminate someone, but misspiggy=awesome with Julianna is out. You were good and I hope that you'll compete next season!

Special Mentions:

#1: Bekah with Alayna // Very sweet and simple - lovely idea and executed awesomely!

#2: Rachel Nicole with Mya // The lighting is perfect! And the editing is so cool!

Next theme by Thursday!




  1. Thanks so much! This is beginning to get really tough... ;)

    Absolutely LOVED this theme. Can't wait for the next one!


  2. I loved this theme, too. Thought it was very creative, and I loved all the photos!
    Thanks for giving me honorable mention again. :) I'm excited to see what the next theme is!