Friday, March 8, 2013

Round Five Theme

Okay, now.... drumroll please...

The theme for Round Five is....


These are due March 22 {twenty second} midnight Pacific Time!

Okay, this is what I really want in your photos:

#1: Creativeness or Simpleness. I want your photo to be lovely, but it doesn't have to be dripping with creativeness. It can be simple, but not too simple. Too simple is boring. Simple, done the right way, is elegant.

#2: Quality, quality, quality. I don't like photos that are grainy, blurry or whatnot. So please, try to focus the camera on the proper thing. That isn't always the doll, but do try and work on the quality.

#3: Photo Sizing. This what brought to my attention last season when Jessie asked me, when I emailed the photo, to send it in not as a pasted image, but as an attached photo. So please try and do that, it usually makes sure that the photo won't be too small or something.

#4: When you send me your photo, please write in the subject line: "Your Name with Your Doll's Name Round Name". Or in an example: Willow with Josefina Spring. That way I can keep track easier of people who've sent in their photos and those who haven't.



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